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You can learn to recite the Quran online from our expert tutors through our online Quran recitation course. We have male or female tutors for you to choose from. Contact us right away to set up a FREE class on Quran recitation.

Regarding Online Training in Quran Recitation


Want to follow the Tajweed rules to recite the Holy Quran in a pleasing manner? Join our web-based Quran recitation course that is explicitly intended for fledglings to make them capable in discussing the Quran.

To begin, Tajweed will assist you in learning the Quran online. After that, we show you how to follow these rules while reciting the Holy Quran. You will be able to flawlessly recite the Holy Quran at the conclusion of this recitation program.

Book your FREE Preliminary now to perceive how our Qari assists you with learning Quran recitation on the web.

We make learning to recite the Quran simple and enjoyable for you by offering male and female Quran Qaris, out-of-the-classroom classes, flexible scheduling, no age restriction, and a variety of other facilities. Our Quran recitation classes are accessible overall so you can begin learning with us whether you are living in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or some other nation of the world.

Learn how to recite the Quran for the first time.

Our tutors have received specialized training to assist children and beginners in online Quran recitation. We have planned our educational plan such that even a total fledgling can turn into a star reciter inside no time. Thus, we offer you a simple method for learning Quran recitation word by word in any event, when you know nothing about recitation ahead of time.

Online Quran Tutoring - Courses We Offer

Here are the courses we have available for you, whether you require a male or female tutor.

  • Learn Quran Online 
  • Quran Recitation 
  • Quran Memorization 
  • Online Quran Tajweed 
  • Online Quran Tarjuma Tafseer 

Package that you choose

You go above and beyond the three bundles for each course that are presented to make learning the Quran more cheap for you.

You can create your own bundle by deciding on the number of classes and their length. We let you tailor the package to your needs to help you learn the Quran easily.


Course Details

Course All types of Quran Courses we Offer
Tutor Type Both male & female available
Class Timings you can choose your own time
Age Level There’s No age limit
Class Duration our classes are mostly between 30 to 45 minutes
Classes 15 to 20 classes in month
Fee Structure Starts from $39.99 to $99.9 per month
Study Levels From beginner to advance
Languages English, Hindi & Urdu
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Payment Methods

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Online Quran Academy

About Us

Enrol in any kind of online Quran course, and begin studying the Holy Quran Book without leaving your house. Our online Quran classes are open to everyone, including children, adults, and both men and women.

A global provider of online Quran courses, Quran Schooling is largely centred in the United States and the United Kingdom. We give you the greatest online Quran education possible by utilising the most up-to-date resources and methods, offering individualised instruction, and working with experienced educators. Our online Quranic courses offer:

Holy Quran

Learn Quran Online with our certified tutors 

Why Choose Us?

Online Quran Programmes That Are Customised

Contact us right away and let us know what kinds of extras you want in your online Quran course, regardless of your financial situation or where you reside. We’ll create it exactly to your specifications.

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Certified Tutors

Our skilled instructors are what make us the best. We exclusively employ tutors with degrees from reputable Islamic universities and solid prior online Quran teaching experience.

Direct Online Quran Education

We offer you the top online Quranic programs. We have placed a strong emphasis on the grade of our services ever since we launched our online Quran teaching academy. View the qualities that make us the top online Quran academy for learning the Holy Quran.


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Pricing & Packages

Basic Package

$ 5.99 Month
  • Free Trial Quran Classes
  • Quran Classes in a Month 12
  • Class Duration 30 Min
  • Online Quran Recitation
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Without Discount


$ 5.99 Month
  • Free Trial Quran Classes
  • Quran Classes in a Month
  • Class Duration
  • Online Quran Memorization
  • Online Quran Recitation
  • Online Tajweed Course
  • Online Quran Translation
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Salah/Kalma/Namaz
  • Compensation Classes
  • 20% off on 2 Students


$ 5.99 Month
  • Free Trial Quran Classes
  • Quran Classes in a Month
  • Class Duration
  • Online Quran Memorization
  • Online Quran Recitation
  • Online Tajweed Course
  • Online Quran Translation
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Salah/Kalma/Namaz
  • Compensation Classes
  • Switch Quran Tutor
  • 30% off on 3 or more Students

Our Students Say

Alia Kamal

I really recommend Maqamatulquran Because they deserve it . With the  help them i able to read Quran correctly.

Nafees Iqbal

I was able to learn the laws of Tajweed without jeopardising my academic performance because of the flexible scheduling offered by Maqamat ul Quran. I could choose when to take my online Tajweed classes.


Anas Iqbal

They have experts in online Quran instruction. Within five months, I was able to memorise the Quran online. The revision courses they provided to assist me maintain the Holy Quran in my memory were what I appreciated the best.

Hire Our Online Quran Academy 

How Can You Learn The Quran Online With Us?

Your class schedule will be determined by you.
When your class is scheduled, the tutor will contact you, and you will participate in a video conversation using Skype or another software.
Depending on the course you have chosen, the tutor will teach you the Holy Quran while sharing their screen with you. Each class will include a separate lesson on the Quran, and the following class will be used to discuss the subject with your teacher.
You will have review lessons while memorising the Quran to keep the prior lessons fresh in your memory.

How Can I Reach Maqamatulquran?

You can WhatsApp us.
Dial: + to reach us directly.
To contact us, email
Complete the online form.
Contact our live chat team at any time.

How Can You Hire Us For Your Online Quran?

You can reach us in any of the ways listed above.
Which online Quran course do you wish to take? Let us know.
Choose a package or create your own. Register for a FREE trial class.
To begin your regular online Quran study programme, pay your fee first.

FAQ’s About Online Quran

You only need a strong internet connection and a learning gadget to learn the Holy Quran. As a result, you can also learn the Quran online on your smartphone.


Your choice of online Quran course and package will have a wonderful impact on this. Depending on the bundle you select, you will typically receive 12 to 20 classes every month.

The courses offered by Quran Schooling include Quran Memorization, Online Quran Translation, Online Tajweed, Online Quran Recitation, and others.

An international online Quran teaching academy is called Quran Schooling. You can obtain our courses anywhere in the world in addition to receiving Quran classes in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.