Quran Memorization Course

Whether you’re a man or a woman, we can help you memorize the Quran online with our Quran memorization program. Connect with us right away and schedule a FREE trial to begin memorizing the Holy Quran under the guidance of experienced tutors.

Onlnine Hifz Course

Do you want to learn Quran online? Make your dream of becoming a Hafiz a reality by enrolling in our online program for memorizing the Quran. You can learn the Quran online with Quran Schooling from any age, even if you’re an adult.

Our online Hifz program aims to make you a great Hafiz, one who can read and recite the Holy Quran flawlessly without looking at the verses. You can get online assistance with the Hifz Quran from our male and female tutors. Just let us in on what kind of mentor you really want.

Memorize The Whole Quran or Any Part of the Quran

Whether you need to remember the entire or part of the Quran, we are here to take care of you. Quran Schooling offers a variety of Quran Hifdh programs in which you can Hifz the entire Holy Book or just a specific portion of it.

  • Memorize the Full Quran
  • Hifz Half Quran
  • Hifz any Particular chapter (Surah)
  • Memorize any Juz
  • Memorize any Manzil(s)

How do our Hifz classes work online?

We don’t just help you remember new lessons with our five-step memorization process. Our tutors ensure that you remember the verses you have already memorized during our revision sessions. Allow us to view how our Quran remembrance program functions.

  • The tutor reads a new chapter (Surah) or several verses to be memorized during your online Hifz class.
  • The student attentively listens to what the tutor is reciting.
  • After that, the student has to recite the verses while the tutor listens. The teacher also corrects if the student makes any mistakes.
  • The student now has to memorize these verses for the next Quran memorization session.
  • In this lesson, the student reads verses memorized in the above-mentioned step. The tutor listens and makes corrections, if necessary. Finally, they move to the next session.Hence, our online Quran memorization course is divided into two main parts.
    • Memorization of the New verses.
    • Revision of the previously memorized part.

Online Hifz Course Contents

It’s time to look over the course materials to see what you’ll learn and remember in the online Quran memorization program.

  • You will start to memorize the Quran online once you can read the Holy Quran properly.
  • You will learn new verses.
  • You will have revision classes to strengthen your Quran memorization.
  • The course is a balance of memorization and revision.
  • You can memorize the whole or part of the Quran (as discussed above)
  • You will memorize the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

Course Details

Course All types of Quran Courses we Offer
Tutor Type Both male & female available
Class Timings you can choose your own time
Age Level There’s No age limit
Class Duration our classes are mostly between 30 to 45 minutes
Classes 15 to 20 classes in month
Fee Structure Starts from $39.99 to $99.9 per month
Study Levels From beginner to advance
Languages English, Hindi & Urdu
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