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The founder of Maqamat-ul-Quran, Abu Bakar, has shown passion and interest in reciting and memorising the Quran during early childhood. His journey began in the United Arab Emirates, where he started tajweed classes, and soon after, his determination and thirst for knowledge became the fundamental reason for his accomplishment. Abu Bakar practiced tajweed for several years in the Sheikh Zayed grand mosque before commencing on a path that would enable him to memorise the Holy Quran. After becoming a hafiz in the Quran, he studied at the University of Sharjah for two years, acquiring Islamic education in Shariah and Fiqh. Sheikh Ahmed Nasim gave him ijazah, enabling him to teach the Holy Quran. However, Abu Bakar wanted to further develop and enhance his recitation skills by studying the eight forms of maqamat. Consequently, he produced sounds that elicited certain moods and emotions, which assisted in delivering the Quran’s message directly to the listener’s heart. Abu Bakar is an imaam in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and has over eight years of experience teaching the Quran to children and adults. In the last few years, he has also started teaching online to increase flexibility, reduce costs, and provide a personalised education for each¬†individual.

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